We don't just design tees for you, we design them for ourselves..

We've been designing and selling t-shirts on and offline since 2007. From our first forays selling tees online, to getting our products into some of the biggest retailers in the UK and US, we know everything there is to know about building a t-shirt business from scratch. 

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Your complete guide to selling on Teespring with Facebook.

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Move beyond Teespring and build your own T-Shirt brand.


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Back in 2007 we started our t-shirt adventure on eBay, armed with a bunch of designs and just $500 in seed cash. Today we sell thousands of shirts across our own ecommerce stores, on Amazon, via third party stores (on and offline) and of course Teespring. There's just something about t-shirts, we can't get enough of them!


We also run an art marketplace here in the UK, working with independent artists the world over, helping them showcase and sell their work - something we feel passionately about. 

Your FREE t-shirt business education:

We would love to share our knowledge and help you build your t-shirt business, whether that's on Teespring, through your own ecommerce store or via online marketplaces. There's still a lot of money to be made selling tees online, and we can show you how.

All the skills you'll learn are transferable, wherever you choose to sell. It all boils down to three basic ingredients; interest targeting, great design and generating traffic, mostly via Facebook (but we'll also explore other methods of traffic generation such as content marketing, especially for those wanting to establish their own stores).

What can you expect to learn?

> How to find great niches and target them with Facebook interests

> How to come up with great design ideas

> Growing your audience

> Advanced Facebook marketing tips and tricks

> Moving beyond Teespring; how to setup, run and grow your own t-shirt store/brand

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We don't just design tees for you... we design them for ourselves

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